Shrubs for Bird Communities

Pussy willow flower

Diversity is key for creating vibrant communities, yards, and gardens. Native shrubs are a great option for adding variety to your yard and brightening your neighbourhood.

Shrubs also support many communities of birds. Here are some top native shrub picks for diverse, bird-friendly yards.

Tall Shrubs

The white blooms of downy serviceberry are a welcome sight after a long winter. Cedar waxwings prefer the fruit that follows. They time their breeding with the arrival of berries to feed their nestlings. This shrub is a great option for yards with sandy or loamy soils.

For sunny, moist yards, choose pussy willow with its delightful soft catkins. Willows support more than 400 different caterpillar species, providing a buffet for hungry birds nearby.

Small Shrubs

With its clusters of white flowers and large maple-like leaves, maple-leaf viburnum is an easy-to-grow choice for any garden. The dark blue berries linger into winter providing food for birds that call your yard home all year long.

White meadowsweet thrives in moist location with full sun and produces long-lasting clusters of white blooms throughout the summer. When the mature seed pods split open, they offer food for hungry sparrows during fall and winter.

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