Rain-ready Landscaping: When to DIY or Hire a Pro

Front garden of home

You’ve decided a rain-ready landscape is the right fit for your yard. The next decision is whether to do the project yourself or hire a professional.

Deciding to DIY: Do you enjoy planning, designing and building? Do you have the right tools? Is the project a size you can manage? If so, installing a rain garden, bioswale or soakaway yourself could be an option. There are several resources available to help get you started, including Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s Complete Guide to Building and Maintaining a Rain Garden. This online guide provides a step-by-step description of how to install a rain garden.

Go Pro: You can also hire a professional landscaper to complete part or all of the project. For example, it may be easier for a professional to dig out the area and amend the soil before you take on the fun task of selecting and planting your native plants. Or maybe you prefer to sit back and have a professional complete the project from start to finish. You can find a qualified rain-ready landscaping professional at fusionlandscapeprofessional.ca.

Regardless of what path you choose, use our new Native Plants for Rain-ready Landscapes plant list to select the best native plants for your project.

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