More Local Plants to Grow

A close up of a purple flower surrounded by leaves.

We’re excited to announce that the new Woodland Plants for Landscaping booklet is ready for you to enjoy! Originally released in 2015, it is part of our series of plant list booklets designed to help people choose the best plants for their properties within CVC’s watershed.

Here are some updates and changes we’ve made to the newest edition.

  • New plants: This was our longest book, originally showcasing 149 trees, shrubs, wildflowers and other plants that would look amazing in your yard. We have made it even longer by adding 18 beautiful new plants.
  • How much water?: We no longer divide the plants by moisture needs/preferences, but instead, indicate the moisture preferences with a water droplet icon; empty for dry to moist soils and full for moist to wet soils.
  • The birds and bees: We included a new section in this booklet indicating what type of birds or pollinators are supported by each plant.

Not everything needed to be changed. You can still find many of the same great features, including growing conditions, tolerances and blooms times.

Now is your chance to learn if you have the right conditions for the beautiful spring ephemeral, Virginia bluebells; how the early blooming eastern leatherwood can support emerging pollinators; or if the increasingly popular pawpaw tree, that features large edible fruits, is right for your yard. View or download a copy of our new Woodland Plants for Landscaping booklet  or purchase a hard copy to start planning your own woodland garden.

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