How to Mulch Your Rain Garden


Like any garden, a rain garden benefits from a layer of mulch. But because of their unique design and function, rain gardens require a specific type of mulch to protect soil from erosion during rain events.
Mulch reduces weeds and keeps soil cool. In a rain garden, where water is slowed down, if the mulch is too chunky or too light, it will float and wash away. Shredded hardwood mulch is the best option for rain gardens. Its interwoven fibrous wood resists floating and helps keep soil in place.
Apply mulch to your rain garden any time of year. It’s easiest in spring when plants are small. Add a layer 7-10 cm deep but avoid piling it up around plant stems. Check the mulch layer at least once a year and reapply if needed.
Near an inlet or downspout, use decorative stone, such as river rock, instead as it can withstand the force of the water and decrease its flow before it moves into the garden.

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