Eastern White Cedar

Eastern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis) can lift your spirits whether you have it planted outdoors or bring some sprigs inside to decorate the table or mantel. In your yard, snow will grace its shoulders on wintery days. Its dense branches and flat, scaly needles shield its furry and feathered visitors from harsh winds.
This winter, you might find white cedar attracting a larger than usual number of finches, such as redpolls and pine siskins, who have come to forage for its small brown cones. Also keep an eye out for other birds like cardinals and owls that use the dense greenery for cover.
In summer, this evergreen creates dense shade and a welcome refuge from hot temperatures.
Growing up to 5 metres tall in most urban yards, eastern white cedar can be planted in any soil in full sun or light shade. It tolerates drought and foot traffic. Avoid planting in areas where there’s road salt or salt spray to ensure you have a beautiful, healthy tree all year round.  
While attractive on its own, it’s a real standout when planted in a group of three or in a row to create a privacy fence or wind break. Create a neighbourhood winter wonderland by planting eastern white cedar on your property.

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