Connecting Communities

Foxglove beardtongue flowers

Connecting with others has been challenging this past year. Now that snow is melting, your yard can help you reconnect with nature, your neighbours and your community.

When you can’t gather with your friends or neighbours, plan to grow some native wildflowers to cut and share. Choose plants that bloom at different times to enjoy flowers through the season. Foxglove beardtongue, dense blazing star, wild bergamot, and obedient plant all support pollinators and make long-lasting cut flowers. Plant lots so you can enjoy them indoors and out.

Planting a cluster of shrubs will add curb appeal, offer a colourful greeting to passersby, and rejuvenate those physically distanced porch visits.  Shrubs also support local communities of birds, as well as migrating species who are just passing through.

Choose two or three shrubs from our plant of the month column for birds and beauty. Consider adding a flowering tree, such as alternate-leaved dogwood, eastern redbud, or tulip tree, for height and variety.

Use CVC’s native plant booklets to plan a project that suits your yard conditions. Then check out our newly revised native plant nurseries list to find locally native trees, shrubs and wildflowers. Begin planning your garden projects and use nature to elevate your yard, boost your spirit and build community.

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