Climate Change is Happening

Lightening in the sky

Prepare for a Climate Emergency

Climate change is often featured in the global news stories we see on social media or television. It can be hard to connect what’s happening on the other side of the world with what’s happening at home. But climate change is happening in your neighbourhood.

Watershed monitoring data from the last 80 years indicates the watershed is getting warmer and wetter. Every season is now warmer than it used to be and it’s expected average annual temperatures will continue to increase. It’s also been raining more. And with warmer winter temperatures, it’s expected we’ll see more rain in winter than before.

As the climate changes, we can also expect to see more frequent and extreme weather events such as drought, extreme heat and intense storms. The heavy rain in Brampton that led to flooding this August may be an example of what we can come to expect.

Are you prepared?
You can protect your home and property from some of the effects of climate change. Here are a few ways to get started:

Learn more about how climate change could affect your community and what actions you can take to prepare in CVC’s Integrated Watershed Monitoring Program StoryMap collection.

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