Backyard Ecosystem Restoration

Soil in palm of hand

Properly caring for your yard contributes to the health of our local and global ecosystems. Join Generation Restoration by healing our planet without leaving your backyard.

Replace invasives with natives

Invasive plants are a major threat to biodiversity. They spread rapidly, outcompeting native plants that birds, pollinators, and other animals rely on for food and shelter. Learn how to identify invasive species and plant a variety of native wildflowers, grasses, trees and shrubs instead.

Reduce pollution on your property

Rain and melting snow wash pollutants like fertilizers, de-icing salt, and bacteria from pet waste from your property into our local creeks, rivers, and lakes. Keep your property pollutant-free by properly disposing pet waste, using composted leaves or manure instead of fertilizers, and choosing plant-friendly de-icing salt alternatives in winter.

Revive your soil

Healthy soil helps plants flourish and absorbs rainwater where it falls, preventing it from flowing into storm sewers or causing pooling and flooding. Healthy soils are somewhat loose, allowing roots to grow and water to infiltrate. If your soil is compacted (hard and dense), add a top dressing of compost. Worms and other helpful organisms will work the organic matter into the soil. Avoid tilling or working in the garden when it’s wet to help reduce compaction.

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