Take Time to be in Nature

Squirrel with nut in its mouth

Reconnect with nature’s healing hands in your schoolyard or nearby park by discovering a special sit spot with your students. A sit spot in nature chosen by each student gives them a chance to watch, read, journal and take a minute to just breathe deeply. Consider bringing along a waterproof bag for each student to make the experience more comfortable.

This spot can be visited throughout the seasons and seasonal changes can be reflected through oral presentations, drawing pictures or nature journaling.

Explore making a simple nature journal as an art and media project to individualize the process. If you’re encouraging drawing, experiment with different art supplies such as markers, pastels and watercolours.

Consider choosing sit spots that are close to an area that has a bird feeder or naturalized garden to study and draw the insects, birds and animals that will be drawn to these areas. For some, this might be more engaging than focusing on plants. Take time to go outside, unplug and connect!

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