Outdoor Exploring

Person looking through binoculars

Get your class outside this spring and ask students to go to a place that matters to them, such as a special spot in the schoolyard, neighbourhood park, students’ backyard, or a window to view an outdoor space. Students can draw a series of maps of this place from a variety of unique perspectives.

Have your students consider:

  • What the place looks like from the sky?
  • What animals, insects and birds live in this place?
  • What travels through their special place?
  • What is under their place (buried streams, soil, rocks etc.)?
  • What might their place have looked like 100 years earlier?
  • Other ideas students might come up with to imaginatively explore their space.

In a class or virtual presentation, students can share their favourite map and why the place matters, who else (or what else) uses this place, and who else lives there.

Source: Imaginative Ecological Education

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