Planning & Permits FAQ

Planning and Permits FAQ

Is my property in CVC’s jurisdiction?

To find out if your property is within CVC’s jurisdiction please refer to our watershed map* or contact the planning department.

* Please note: The boundaries of the Credit River watershed (Credit Valley Conservation’s legislated jurisdiction) map not be accurately indicated in the above watershed map, as the watershed boundaries change over time due to natural processes, variance in mapping techniques and variance in land surveying methods.

What activities or projects require a permit from CVC?

You need a permit if you plan on doing any of the following work in an area regulated by CVC:

  • the construction, reconstruction, erection or placing of a building or structure of any kind;
  • changes that would alter the use, or potential use, of a building or structure (ie. commercial use to residential use);
  • increasing the size of a building or structure, or increasing the number of dwelling units in the building or structure;
  • site grading;
  • the temporary or permanent placing, dumping or removal of any material (including, but not limited to fill, dirt, stone) originating on the site or elsewhere;
  • the straightening, changing or diverting or interfering with the existing channel of a river, creek, stream, or watercourse; and
  • changing or interfering with a wetland (including, but not limited to fill in a wetland, dredging and grading).

Note that a permit from CVC does not replace building permits or any other permits issued through municipal offices or from other agencies. It is recommended that you contact your local municipality for information on additional approvals that may be required. For additional information on the Permit Process, go the the Permit & Regulations link.

Is there a fee for obtaining a permit?

Yes. Fees vary depending on the type and scale of a proposal. Details on the fees may be obtained by contacting CVC.
Click here for Fee Schedule.

Do I need a permit to cut down a tree?

Please contact your local municipality for information relating to tree cutting by-laws that may affect your property. A permit from CVC is not required for tree removal on private lands.

How long does it take to get a CVC permit?

Please contact the planning department.