Low Water Levels at Island Lake

Thursday, June 17, 2021 by Credit Valley Conservation



Water levels at Island Lake are lower than usual. It is anticipated that levels will drop further from July to September, unless heavy rainfalls occur. Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and the Town of Orangeville  continue to monitor the level of water at Island Lake.

Why is Island Lake lower than usual?

  • Low water in Island lake is due to minimal runoff from snow melt in spring 2021, followed by below-normal precipitation in the area over the last 3 months
  • A Low Water Level 1 statement has been issued for this area and the entire Credit River Watershed
    • Low Water Level 1 is the first indication of potential water supply problems due to lower levels of precipitation

Are there any impacts to Orangeville Water Pollution Control Plant or the Credit River downstream of the plant?

  • There is no concern given the current low water level
  • Island Lake is a man-made lake created by two dams (Island Lake North and South dams)
  • The lake’s purpose is to hold and release water necessary to dilute effluent from the Orangeville Water Pollution Control Plant in the Credit River, ensuring downstream water quality standards are met

Is there an impact to recreation at Island Lake Conservation Area?

  • Depending on the current levels at Island Lake, there may be potential limits to boat usage in some areas due to shallow water hazards like stumps and rocks
  • Please be mindful of any restrictions in place to where watercraft can go
  • Please be mindful of all potential hazards, such as exposed stumps and rocks

Is there an impact to the local environment?

  • Precipitation is cyclical and our environment is resilient – it will adapt
  • Plants and wildlife are resilient and are used to adapting to changing lake levels over time
  • There has been no significant impact to fish in the Island Lake
  • Water from Island Lake continues to be used for downstream dilution of effluent from the Orangeville Water Pollution Control Plant, protecting fish in the Upper Credit River
  • Diluting ensures water quality standards are met and very low concentrations of effluent in the Credit River from the plant are maintained

What is being done?

  • CVC and Town of Orangeville staff are closely monitoring the situation, the amount of water released from the dam, and the water quality in the Credit River downstream of the Water Pollution Control Plant

What can people do?

  • If you’re out on the water, please report any hazards such as stumps and rocks in the water that may be a concern for boaters
  • Please report any stranded fish in any areas of the lake that have been disconnected from the rest of the water
  • Visit for more information on water levels in the Credit River Watershed – not specific to Island Lake
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