Credit Valley Conservation Named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers

For the third year in a row, Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) was named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers (2022).

CVC was recognized for its many green initiatives, including a commitment to making its vehicle fleet fully electric by 2035, an employee uniform recycling program and organic composting. CVC is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and investing in low impact development approaches to sustainably manage stormwater on its properties.

CVC’s head office includes a LEED gold-certified building, new electric vehicle charging stations and a permeable parking lot that allows rainwater to filter naturally into the ground. In 2022, the organization will be installing an innovative “smart blue roof” to manage stormwater onsite.

“As a leading environmental organization, we are proud to be recognized as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for the third year in a row,” said Quentin Hanchard, Chief Administrative Officer at CVC. “This award reflects the accomplishments made by our dedicated staff and our continuing commitment to protect and restore the local environment.”

In addition to environmental initiatives, CVC continues its commitment of giving back to the community. Each year, staff volunteer and raise money to support charitable organizations like the Eden Food Bank, Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, and the Peel Children’s Aid Society.  

CVC continues to support residents, businesses and partners in government with vital services like land use planning, environmental stewardship, flood forecasting and warning, environmental inventory and monitoring, environmental education, source water protection, outdoor recreation and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Canada’s Greenest Employers is an editorial competition that recognizes employers that lead the nation in creating a culture of environmental awareness. Learn more about CVC’s accomplishments at

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is a local conservation authority established by the Ontario government in 1954 to protect, restore and enhance the natural environment of the Credit River Watershed. Our watershed is defined by the area of land where all rainfall, snowmelt and runoff drain into lands and waters flowing into the Credit River. CVC creates connections between people and nature, knowledge and action. We inspire a deep appreciation for the role of nature in keeping people connected, healthy and happy. CVC is a member of Conservation Ontario.

Photo: Credit Valley Conservation staff member ready to plant trees and shrubs within the watershed.   


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