Lakeside Park, Mississauga

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The City of Mississauga’s 25 acre Lakeside Park features many new and innovative green features from a pervious concrete parking lot, green roof, and splash pad with water reused for park irrigation. The CVC Public Lands project focuses on the bioretention swale (rain garden) that collects stormwater run-off from the parking lot and cleans the water through an engineered soil mixture and selected vegetation. In the rain garden, the interaction of plants, soil and natural microbes remove pollutants sp cleaner water flows back into Lake Ontario. – our drinking water source.

Innovative Clean Water Technologies

Rain Garden (bioretention swale)
An innovative garden with engineered soil and a variety of plants collect parking lot urban runoff and filter out pollutants so cleaner water flows back into Lake Ontario – our drinking water source.

Monitoring Goals

  • Evaluating the movement of water of the rain garden through the use of rainfall data in combination with water level loggers or outlet flow loggers.
  • Quantifying establishment and ongoing maintenance requirements for the rain garden with varying design features and drainage areas (area that rainfall drains into system).
  • Evaluating the success of plant species used within the rain garden based on health, maintenance and urban aesthetic standards.
  • Testing and developing protocols to ensure the contractor has properly constructed the innovative landscaped stormwater practice as designed before taking ownership and paying. This includes post-construction surveys, soil testing, plant surveys, and post-construction inspections.

Monitoring Progress

  • Landscaping – The rain garden landscaping consists of straight lines, groupings and tiers and has been well received by the general public.
  • Maintenance – The City of Mississauga has been performing maintenance.
  • Water Levels – Water level monitoring results have shown that the rain garden is functioning as designed.

See the latest Monitoring Report for Lakeside Park below for more information on Monitoring Progress.

Icon - guidance, factsheets and schematics

Lakeside Park Monitoring Report – Fall 2013
Lakeside Park Monitoring Report – August 2013

Lakeside Park Monitoring Report – July 2013

Lakeside Park Monitoring Report – June 2013

Lakeside Park Monitoring Report – May 2013 

Lakeside Park Monitoring Report – April 2013

Lakeside Park Monitoring Report – March 2013

Lakeside Park Monitoring Report – February 2013

Lakeside Park Monitoring Report – December 2012/January 2013

Lakeside Park Monitoring Report – November 2012

Lakeside Park Factsheet

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LID at Lakeside Park

Interpretive Signage – This is a Rain Garden

Project Partners

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