Five Reasons to Put Stormwater Management on the Agenda

Future-Proof Your Business. Invest in Nature.

With the rainy season upon us, managing rainwater and snow melt on your property should be top of mind for your business. Here’s why:

1. Reduce flood risk

Late winter to early spring can bring rapid swings in temperature which can trigger flood conditions as snow melts quickly. When paired with aging stormwater infrastructure and the potential for more extreme rain events, businesses are at increased risk of flooding and flood damage. Flooding can disrupt business activity, damage property and affect property insurance. Properly managing stormwater through low-impact development (LID) and sustainable landscaping can reduce risk of flooding and costly cleanup.

2. Reduce your stormwater charge

The City of Mississauga offers businesses the opportunity to receive a credit on their stormwater charge when they manage stormwater on their properties. Actions as simple as following a pollution prevention plan can reduce your charge. 

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3. Protect your assets

Flooding and ponding water can damage your property and create slip and fall risks for staff and clients. Protect parking lots, buildings and staff by ensuring rainwater and snowmelt are directed to areas where it can be contained and absorbed into the ground, such as underground chambers or cisterns, parking lots with permeable paving, bioretention cells, trenches and green spaces.

4. Avoid disruption

Flooding or ponding and muddy truck bays can disrupt business as usual or slow down staff performance. Protect your bottom line and your performance by keeping truck bays, parking lots and buildings safe and dry.

Muddy trucking bays can slow productivity.

5. Protect the environment and water quality

Pollutants such as oil, grease, road salt and pesticides wash into our lakes, rivers and streams along with stormwater run-off. Freshwater pollution affects plants and animals, as well as threatens our drinking water supply. Run-off also prevents groundwater replenishment, which can affect the health of our soils and streams. Landscaping your property sustainably so that rainwater and snowmelt is absorbed on site improves water quality and the overall health of the environment.

Learn how proper waste management and pollution prevention practices protect water quality.

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