Wetland Restoration Planting

Areal footage of a wetland.

Enhance Wetlands on Your Property

Ontario contains an impressive 25 per cent of Canada’s wetlands and six per cent of all wetlands across the globe. Wetlands act as natural infrastructure. They filter and purify water, capture rainwater and reduce flooding and soil erosion. As our climate continues to change, and extreme weather events become more common, the vital ecosystem services provided by wetlands will only increase in value.

Since European settlement, we have lost about a third of our watershed’s wetlands to agriculture and urbanization. Protecting those that remain is critical to maintaining our resilience to future changes in climate. Wetlands in the Credit River Watershed provide an estimated $187 million annually in beneficial ecosystem services. Simple actions like planting trees and native vegetation in wet areas protect wetland function and lessen the effect of external stressors.

Like the coveted coffee break before traversing that last stretch of highway between you and your destination, wetlands in the Credit River Watershed also provide crucial pitstops for migratory birds as well as refuge for at-risk species, such as the federally listed western chorus frog.

Bird wading in wetland by tall wetland plants.
Great blue heron is a wetland migratory bird. Photo: Jon Clayton
Frog resting on leaf.
The western chorus frog is a federal listed species at-risk.

CVC can help you determine if you have opportunities to protect or enhance wetlands on your property. Connect with a stewardship coordinator to get started. Connect with us.

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