The Road to Building Resilience

An agricultural landscape with storm clouds and lightning.

Is your property climate-ready?

Now, more than ever, landowners are facing a growing list of climate change effects like increasing temperatures, more intense rainfall and freak weather events. This means the potential for impacts like flooding, property damage, well contamination and Lyme disease are increasing. As a landowner, you can take steps to reduce these impacts in order to protect your property and save yourself money.

So, what can you do, and how do you get started? We’ve got you covered.

On June 1, join us for a bus tour and meet three Caledon landowners who are taking action and building resilience to climate change on their properties. 

The Projects on the Tour 

  1. The Right Trees in the Right Place: Our first property showcases how adding native plants in the right spot improves water quality, while capturing carbon and enhancing the quality of habitat.  
  2. For the Birds and Bees: Our second landowner is creating a native meadow which helps provide habitat for declining pollinators and at-risk grassland bird populations. 
  3. Forests for the Future: On our third stop, we’ll visit an ongoing 40-year project creating resilient woodlands through planting, invasive species control and active forest management. 

Meet us at Warwick Conservation Centre in Caledon and hop on the bus to learn about these projects and how to protect your property’s unique landscape. 

We’ll treat you to some locally sourced refreshments and a chance to win raffle for a pollinator prize pack on the tour! Register today.

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