Signs of Stewardship

A man and woman stand beside a sign that says conservation is happening here

When you care for your property in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, you’re helping to protect the health of your land, water and family. You’re also contributing to the health of your entire community.
Land stewardship generates benefits that reach beyond property lines. That’s why CVC recognizes landowners who undertake environmental projects on their properties with a stewardship partner sign. These signs recognize and showcase the positive impacts landowner stewardship has for communities and hopefully encourages others to act too.

Have You Seen the Signs?
We installed eighteen signs on landowner properties across the watershed this year. They represent actions, such as planting trees, creating grasslands and native plant gardens, managing forests, removing invasive species and upgrading wells. These actions show the commitment that businesses and institutions, urban and rural residents, and agricultural landowners have to protect the land and water in their communities.

Man holding a sign that says Bird-Friendly Certified Hay program

Farmers enrolled in CVC’s Bird-Friendly Certified Hay program can display a special sign recognizing their bird-friendly certification. If you see one, you’ll know the landowner is voluntarily delaying hay harvest to protect at-risk grassland birds and doing their part to take care of the beautiful place where we live, work and play.

Sign Up for Stewardship
Show your commitment to the value and beauty of a healthy, natural environment. Take action and share your stewardship spirit by proudly displaying your sign to others in your community. Projects vary depending on the property, but can include reforestation, stormwater management, restoring natural spaces to native plant gardens or grasslands, adoption of farm best management practices, delayed haying and many more. Many projects are also eligible for financial support.

Visit to find a program that’s right for you and sign up!

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