Keeping Fall Colourful

river surrounded by fall colours

Autumn is a Spectacle

Among the many perks of countryside living is witnessing the sweeping display of fall tree colour right from your backyard. As days shorten, green landscapes transform into blazing yellow, red and orange vistas. This fleeting but intense phenomenon inspires us to get outside and explore nature’s vibrance.

The Town of Caledon is one of the best places in the Credit River Watershed to enjoy fall colour. As you drive along the winding Forks of the Credit Road or stop at one of the many vantage points that follow the Credit River, it’s hard not to be spellbound by this autumnal spectacle.

Terra Cotta CA in the fall
Terra Cotta Conservation Area. Photo credit: Jon Clayton, CVC

Transformation is underway in other ways too. Songbirds are migrating towards warmer regions. Reptiles, insects, and fish are preparing for hibernation. Frogs and salamanders will disappear but only to escape winter’s unforgiving frost. Maples and birches will go bare but only to conserve energy. Next year, as the snow retreats, our natural spaces will once again be filled with the sights and sounds that we cherish.

As we navigate the effects of climate change on the land and its many creatures, we realize that we are not just observers but participants in this delicate life cycle. And there are things we can do today to ensure that future generations can come from near and far to enjoy the vibrant fall spectacle we witness today.

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