How to Be Water Wise

Conserve Water on Your Property

Recent rain has brought relief from the hot, dry weather that broke records across Canada. But don’t let that fool you. Climate change is disrupting weather patterns, causing extreme weather events like heavy rain and drought. While heavy rain requires us to become more flood resilient, periods of severe hot, dry weather make conserving water more important.

Low water conditions can deplete groundwater supplies, affecting landowners who rely on underground aquifers for drinking water and irrigation. Here are a few tips to help you conserve water on your property.

  1. Install a rain barrel to harvest rain to water your gardens.
  2. Plant drought-tolerant native plants that need less water or consider turning your lawn into a native meadow or no-mow zone.
  3. Implement crop irrigation best management practices to reduce water consumption on the farm. Create an irrigation schedule designed for your crops, soil type, and periods of growth.
  4. Keep a record of how much water you have in storage or can access from streams or wells.
  5. Water your plants or irrigate later in the evening to prevent water evaporation and always follow your municipality’s recommended yard watering schedule.

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Just one small thing

Harvesting rainwater is an easy way to conserve water. Learn how to install a rain barrel in just four steps with our easy-to-follow rainwater harvesting factsheet

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