Good Work Pays Off

New Partnership

CVC announces new partnership to increase financial support for on-farm stewardship in the Region of Peel.

Around the 1950s, farmers produced crops and raised livestock on nearly 74 per cent of the land in the Credit River Watershed. Since that time, farmers have been working to re-naturalize marginal farmland. These naturalized areas have become mature forests and wetlands that provide our communities with vital ecosystem services like water and air purification, cooling, carbon absorption and improved wildlife habitat.

Annual compensation for farmers

To continue encouraging and supporting farmers with the naturalization of marginally productive farmland, Credit Valley Conservation, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and the Region of Peel have partnered with ALUS, a national agricultural charity, on a three-year pilot to provide annual payments to farmers of up to $150 per acre per year for the long-term monitoring and maintenance of eligible stewardship projects. Eligible projects include native tree and shrub planting, native grassland and wetland restoration, livestock fencing and erosion control structures.

The new compensation model extends existing financial support provided by the Peel Rural Water Quality Program. Visit to learn more.

Your Countryside Stewardship Team

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