Everyone Has a Reason To Plant Trees

Older man walking with young child down a forested path

Plant Trees on Your Property

Whether you want to reduce your property taxes, add beauty and privacy, decrease your carbon footprint, or leave behind a living legacy, we can help you plant trees on your property.

Book Now for Spring 2021

CVC offers full-service subsidized tree planting to rural landowners in the Credit River Watershed with properties of two acres or more. CVC’s tree planting services include:

  • Custom planting plans suited to your property
  • Site preparation
  • Delivery and planting of native hardwood and evergreen trees
  • Materials (mulch mats, tree guards)
  • Follow-up monitoring

We cover most of the costs

Eligible landowners can receive grants from CVC and our partners to cover up to 100 per cent of the costs of planting. Some projects may also qualify for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program which reduces municipal property taxes by 75 per cent.

Space is limited. Connect with a stewardship coordinator to learn more and get started.

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