Best Management Practices: Farming for the Future

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Farmers Play a Critical Role in Watershed Management

Farmers have a unique relationship with the environment. They directly rely on resources like air, soil and water for their livelihoods. They spend a lot of time with the land, managing and observing changes, often intuitively adjusting their land management practices. However, farmers don’t depend on their observational knowledge alone, they also turn to industry experts and scientists for direction.

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are developed, reviewed, and refined by industry experts and government using ongoing research and the best available science. BMPs are designed to help guide famers to make sustainable farm management decisions. They address common issues that impact farm businesses and the environment, like soil erosion and compaction, agricultural runoff, manure storage, and nutrient management.

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The province of Ontario provides farmers and rural landowners with access to an award-winning series of published BMPs that act as a great resource for sustainable land management planning.

For more than 25 years the province of Ontario has published BMPs in an award-winning series of manuals and fact sheets. Last year they worked with partners to turn the series into an online library for sustainable agricultural and rural living. This valuable resource is now available at

Today in the Credit River Watershed, the majority of active farmland is used for field crop production. Because of this, we all benefit from an increase in the adoption of BMPs that help to manage crop soil, prevent runoff and reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers. Examples include conservation tillage, crop nutrient planning, precision agriculture, erosion control and cover cropping.

Farmers and rural landowners can visit and look for publications that apply to your farm business or rural residence. You also can get additional support to implement BMPs from CVC. Our team can provide technical support and funding to help you implement many of the BMPs found in this resource. Contact us today.

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