A Roadmap to Rural Life

Farm landscape

You’ve made the choice to leave behind the bustling city life for the sprawling countryside. Once you’ve settled into your new rural home, you realize you have more to worry about than what colour to paint the kitchen. Even if you’ve lived there for a decade, managing your rural property can feel overwhelming. It’s hard to know when, how or where to start. That’s why we have a great team of stewardship experts to help you.

We’re happy to answer your questions over the phone or by email. Not sure what to ask? You can book a free on-site consultation to assess the natural features on your property, identify native and invasive plant species, and discuss opportunities for enhancement. Once you’ve identified a project, we can help you apply for financial assistance. Some of the projects we support and fund include:

  • Septic and well upgrades
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Pond and stream enhancement
  • Grassland and meadow planting
  • Farm fencing, manure storage, erosion control, and cover cropping

When you take action to ensure your rural property is healthy and thriving, you’re also doing your part to protect the environment, improve water quality, and create homes for birds, insects, and other local wildlife. These actions benefit you and your family, as well as the broader community—for generations to come.

CVC staff and landowners talking on lawn in the countryside
Landowners chatting with a CVC expert

Just one small thing – Small steps for big change

Download our free guide Hello! Countryside Living to learn how to make the most of countryside living. Discover the Credit River Watershed, the challenges we’re facing, and the stewardship actions you can take on your property to keep it healthy and thriving.

Long-term residents and new rural homeowners will find this guide full of useful information. If you have a new neighbour, share this newsletter with them.

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Hello! Countryside Living booklet
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