How You’re Inspired by Nature

How You’re Inspired by Nature

Social media is a great tool for sharing outdoor adventures throughout the Credit River Watershed. On February 10, we officially reached 6,000 followers on Instagram! To celebrate this milestone and to say thank you, we gave away a one-year Conservation Parks Membership. As part of their entry, contestants shared how they’re inspired by nature.

Here are eight contest responses that highlight the power of nature to inspire:

Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. Photo credit: @mrbrown905 on Instagram

“Nature is always inspiring me to do better by making lifestyle changes and participating in conservation initiatives to keep our landscapes beautiful and resilient for the future! 🌲💚” – @alessiamole

“Nature inspires me to be active physically and present mentally 💚 When so many things in life are uncertain, nature stays consistent.” – @blake_outdoors_

“Nature inspired me to plant a pollination garden.” – @danibowes

An adorable European starling. Photo credit: @thatsafariguy_kt on Instagram

“Nature has inspired my family and I to be more positive during these hard times. It has brought us all closer together and made us appreciate all the wonders around us.” – @pmawhinney

“I am always inspired by the beauty of nature – we can learn so much from watching our natural surroundings.” – @muskoka_dogs

“Nature is resilient; after the deep freeze, the saplings always find a way to break free of the bonds of earth. After a dry summer, the petrichor rises as a thank you for the moist soil. Nature inspires me to persevere because there’s always one more chance to get it right.” – @velroseter

Island Lake Conservation Area. Photo credit: @stillframes_niceguy on Instagram

“Nature is energizing and reminds us all that change is inevitable and we should appreciate every event, like every season, as a gift to learn from and grow from.” – @kduffenais

“Nature inspires me to look, listen, learn and breath. I’ve recently learned about burls on trees and I love to listen to the sounds in the forest ❤️.” – @amanda.lori

While nature inspires each of us differently, it’s one thing we all have in common. Let’s continue to work together to keep conservation areas beautiful and protect nature for current and future generations to enjoy. Learn more ways you can continue to connect with nature at home.

How does nature inspire you? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

By Kimberley Laird, Associate, Marketing and Communications

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  • Kirsten Burling says:

    I was on a field trip once and asked a woman where her husband was, as I hadn’t seen him. She replied that he was at church. it was Sunday morning. Then she looked at me and said, “This is my church.” It was as if I was hit by a ‘baseball bat’, the light was turned on. I realized that for me that statement was true too. I have learned since that not only is Nature my church but it is also my school and my hospital. It is and has been my main source of: awe, beauty, spiritual inspiration, artistic inspiration, education, learning, friendship, healing and well-being.

  • Bill Henderson says:

    Nature inspires me daily as it forces me to stop and take notice of the unexplainable, it could be a sound, a shape, an aroma, a sight, a touch, or a taste. Nature provides the unexpected. It is a great teacher.
    Nature also provides opportunities for healing, since we feel better when we are surrounded by nature .

  • Bev Brown says:

    In top photo a walker for seniors on snow trails? If so where do you buy those? edIt looks like just what I need for my husband with a bad leg so he would walk as far as he could and I could push him seated on it. Thank you.

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