Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystems such as forests, wetlands and streams support all life on Earth. Healthier ecosystems mean a healthier planet. Ecosystem restoration means helping in the recovery of ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed, as well as protecting the ecosystems that are still intact.

The United Nations has declared the next 10 years the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. It launches this Saturday, June 5 on World Environment Day 2021. CVC is taking part by featuring restoration projects that we’re working on in the Credit River Watershed. We don’t do these projects alone. We rely on strong partnerships with caring landowners and residents, corporations, schools, municipalities and more.

A beautiful rain garden project at Allan A Martin Public School in Mississauga, led by CVC.

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#GenerationRestoration Spotlight

Helen and David Choat on their property in Caledon.

CVC recently worked with landowners Helen and David Choat who moved to a 33-acre property in Caledon. They wanted to plant and grow a forest for the future. Working with us, they planted over 13,000 trees, installed bird-nesting boxes, put up a bat box and now they’re working on a meadow restoration. The Choats made environmental improvements on an incredible 23 acres of their property.

We can’t turn back time, but we can plant more trees to green our cities, protect our drinking water sources, create pollinator and bird habitat in our yards and protect ecosystems in our communities. We’re the generation that can make a difference.

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By: CVC’s Baljit Seran, Specialist, Marketing and Communications

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