Public Notice: Pesticide Use

Credit Valley Conservation will be applying BOBBEX Deer and Rabbit Repellent Concentrate in 10 distinct restoration areas to deter the browsing and destruction of planted material until the trees are free growing and above the height of deer browsing.

Applications will occur at these restoration areas once a month, from June 2023 to December 2023.

The following pesticide is registered under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada): BOBBEX Deer and Rabbit Repellent Concentrate (Reg. #29804), containing the active ingredients: wintergreen oil, castor oil, fish meal mixture, fish oil mixture, garlic oil, meat meal mixture, capsaicin, related capsaicinoids, and dried eggs.

Restoration Areas:

1. Andrew McCandless Park: 450 Elbern Markell Drive, Brampton

2. Credit Valley Conservation Head Office: 1255 Old Derry Road, Mississauga

3. Erindale Park: 695 Dundas Street, Mississauga

4. Island Lake Conservation Area: 673067 Hurontario St. South, Orangeville

5. Jack Darling Memorial Park: 1180 Lakeshore Roadd West, Mississauga

6. Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area:

7. Rattray Marsh Conservation Area: 1180 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga

8. Ray Lawson Valley: 500 Ray Lawson Boulevard, Brampton

9. Silver Creek Conservation Area: Fallbrook Trail and Side Road 27, Halton Hills

10. Timothy Street Park: 50 Main Street, Mississauga


For more information on this program, please call the Credit Valley Conservation Office (toll-free): 1-800-668-5557

You may also contact the representative of person using the pesticide at the distinct restoration area:

For Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, Silver Creek Conservation Area, Island Lake Conservation Area, and Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area, please contact:

Email Project Staff

For Ray Lawson Valley, Timothy Street Park, Erindale Park, Credit Valley Conservation Head Office, and Andrew McCandless Park, please contact:

Email Project Staff

For Jack Darling Memorial Park, Terra Cotta Conservation Area, please contact:

Email Project Staff

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