2022 Bass Fishing Derby Results

a fish being measured for the 2022 Island Lake Bass Derby

Thank you to all who participated in our 12th Annual Bass Fishing Derby at Island Lake Conservation Area! We had another great turnout. Here are the final results:

Regular Category (age 12+)

Prize CategoryScoreLength (Inches)Weight (lbs)Weight (lbs)
1st Place Bass246018.9 inches4.37 lbsShane F.
2nd Place Bass238419 inches4.19 lbsRichard K.
3rd Place Bass238919.2 inches4.14 lbsTanner K.
4th Place Bass236617.9 inches4.21 lbsJustin S.
5th Place Bass232718.7 inches4.08 lbsAdrian L.
6th Place Bass224118.15 inches3.92 lbsEd V.
7th Place Bass222318.6 inches3.86 lbsButch B.
8th Place Bass207018 inches3.55 lbsIan G.
9th Place Bass204717.6 inches3.53 lbsKeith D.
10th Place Bass201117.7 inches3.44 lbsMike Y.
1st Place Black Crappie68311.93 inches0.84 lbsAnthony S.
1st Place Yellow Perch68111.8 inches0.84 lbsWei Wei
1st Place Northern Pike313330 inches5.2 lbsAleks J.

Kids (age 11 and under) – Sunday, July 17

Prize CategoryScoreLength (Inches)Weight (lbs)Name
1st Place Black Crappie4669.6 inches0.49 lbsMatthew F.
1st Place Yellow Perch2737.6 inches0.18 lbsTayah V.
1st Place Northern Pike256226.8 inches4.14 lbsAndrew S.
1st Place Bass184217.4 inches3.09 lbsJonathan W.
1st Place Rock BassNo Entries
1st Place Sunfish/ Pumpkinseed2315.9 inches0.18 lbsJoshua W.

Kids (age 11 and under) – Saturday, July 16

Prize CategoryScoreLength (Inches)Weight (lbs)Name
1st Place Black CrappieNo Entries
1st Place Yellow Perch2220.01 lbsJovin D.
1st Place Northern PikeNo Entries
1st Place Bass101213.8 inches1.46 lbsJonathan W.
1st Place Rock Bass3958.4 inches0.4 lbsJovin D.
1st Place Sunfish/ Pumpkinseed2956.89 inches0.26 lbsAmedo B.
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