13th Annual Bass Fishing Derby – Results for 2023

Thomas Reuter accepts his trophy for his 1st place finish in the 13th Annual Bass Fishing Derby, July 16, 2023

Thanks to all participants of the 13th Annual Bass Fishing Derby at Island Lake Conservation Area held on July 15 and 16, 2023. We had an amazing turnout with 308 registered participants. This year’s event was a huge success, and we thank everyone for their continued support. Funds raised through the derby support Friends of Island Lake (FOIL) projects at Island Lake Conservation Area. FOIL is a sub-committee of the Credit Valley Conservation Foundation.

Final standings at this year’s derby:

Leaderboard: Adult

Prize CategoryScoreLength (cm)Weight (lbs)Winner
1st Place Bass56.3751.4 cm4.97 lbsThomas Reuter
2nd Place Bass55.0150.1 cm4.91 lbsCarlos Gonzalez
3rd Place Bass51.5747.5 cm4.07 lbsShane Fernandez
4th Place Bass51.5447.4 cm4.14 lbsAyden Embleton
5th Place Bass51.3347.3 cm4.03 lbsAndrei Chowaniec
6th Place Bass51.3147.4 cm3.5 lbsAhmed Alakili
7th Place Bass51.1647.4 cm3.76 lbsKenny Luangraj
8th Place Bass51.1147.4 cm3.71 lbsMarko Djovic
9th Place Bass50.7946.6 cm4.19 lbsJordan Draper
10th Place Bass50.746.7 cm4.0 lbsNatsuhiko Sugimoto
1st Place Northern Pike77.072.3 cm4.7 lbsTyson Endemen
1st Place Black Crappie28.0627.6 cm0.46 lbsKonner Adams
1st Place Yellow Perch31.0630.03 cm0.76 lbsGary Dasilva
Table with 2023 Adult Leaderboard

Leaderboard: Kids

Prize CategoryScoreName
1st Place Bass42.94Justin L
1st Place Yellow Perch22.71Anton B
1st Place Black Crappie23.37Dylan B
1st Place Pumpkinseed22.07Jovin D
1st Place Rock Bass20.25Liam C
Table with 2023 Kids Leaderboard from Saturday, July 15
Prize CategoryScoreName
1st Place Bass45.85Ashton C
1st Place Northern Pike45.58Kaden M
1st Place Yellow Perch25.36Ethan W
1st Place Black Crappie25.66Anton B
1st Place Pumpkinseed22.57Dylan B
1st Place Rock Bass20.51Harrison L
Table with 2023 Kids Leaderboard from Sunday, July 16

Thank You to Our Supporters

Thank you to our derby sponsors who helped make this year’s event successful:

Gold sponsor: Sunshine Landscape Design & Construction
Silver sponsors: Brock Aggregates, Dufferin Northern Peel Anglers & Hunters Association, and Rapala
Bronze sponsors: The Gould Team, Marks Work Warehouse, and DejaVu Diner

We would also like to thank our donors and in-kind supporters:

Donors: Matthew G. Lindsey, Edward Ayranto, Country Trades, Rodeo Management Group Inc., SGR Plumbing, R.M. Delfino and Peavy Mart.
In-kind support: Topper’s Pizza Orangeville and Tim Hortons (100 5th Avenue, Orangeville)

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