Wetland, Stream & Pond Management Services

Assistance for landowners with their wetland, stream and pond restoration.

CVC has knowledgeable staff that can provide a free consultation on your wetland, stream, pond or dam and assess opportunities for projects that benefit the natural environment such as:

CVC can help you obtain funding to assist in restoring your wetland, stream or pond and in many cases our helpful staff can provide on-the-ground support with:

  • Planning the project
  • Helping to obtain permitting and approvals
  • Providing crews, tools and materials to implement the project
  • Providing plant material for the restoration projects
  • Direct sale of aquatic plants from CVC’s Aquatic Nursery

CVC’s Tree Planting & Forest Management and Invasive Plant Removal Services may also be able to assist you.

For more information on CVC’s Wetland, Stream and Pond Management Services contact a Stewardship Coordinator.