Tree Seedling Program

If you have open land on your property and are interested in converting it to forest with bare root seedlings, consider participating in CVC’s Private Landowner Reforestation Planting Program (Program 1).  Those who are eligible can save about 90% on their planting project.

After a Planting Plan has been created for the area, planting crews arrive in late April to mid May of each year with seedlings fresh out of cold storage. They begin machine planting according to the Planting Plan instructions. Machine planting involves the use of a tractor and tow behind tree planter. A crew member sits on the planter and places each tree at the desired spacing in the ground. The efficient use of machinery allows CVC to plant over 100 000 seedlings each year in just a few weeks!

Once the seedlings are planted vegetation control is considered very important to increase the rate of survival. CVC carry’s out a spray program that controls grass competition immediately adjacent to the planted trees. Some landowners in the past have assisted by mowing between rows when possible.

Late in the fall CVC staff will return to carry out an initial assessment to determine survival rates among species. Staff will also return the subsequent year to reassess survival and determine growth rates since planting.

The main tree species used in the Reforestation program include; White and Red Pine, White Spruce, Tamarack, Cedar, Sugar Maple, Red Oak, Silver Maple & Black Cherry. Reforestation projects are potentially eligible for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) utilized by landowners to reduce property taxes.

Reforestation Planting Program Requirements:

  • you must possess a minimum of two acres of land
  • minimum order of 1,500 seedlings

Materials and Services Provided:

  • hardwood and evergreen bare root reforestation seedlings 15 – 30 cm tall
  • free site visit and technical support
  • customized planting plan for your property
  • delivery and installation of plant stock
  • machine planting of trees

For more information contact our friendly Tree Planting and Habitat Restoration Services staff or:
Alastair Biscaia; Forest Management Technician
Cell: 647-449-2743
Fax: 905-838-1889

Customer Testimonials

Just like to thank David and his men for the great work that they have done at my property.
Thomas Hyatt

This program could save a lot of people, especially Caledon home owners with land, some benefits in tax reduction.
Karen and Gerry Labonte

Very good value.
Frank Vanderwilp