Potted Plants Program

If you are a private landowner in the Credit Valley and would like to enhance the natural qualities of your property with potted native trees and shrubs, consider participating in CVC’s Private Landowner Naturalization Planting Program (Program 2).  With more than 25 native varieties of potted trees and shrubs to choose from, eligible landowners can save 70% or more on their planting projects.

Naturalization projects are prepared and paid for early in the year before the planting season begins but we do continue to prepare planting projects through the planting season as well.  We typically plant from mid May to the end of June.  Some years we also have a Fall planting session from late August to early October.  Once your project is set up and paid for and the planting season is upon us, our Forestry Foreman for Naturalization will give you a call with a few days advance notice to let you know when he and his crew will be coming out to do your planting.

The crew arrives in a pick up truck with a covered box to transport your plant material to site.  For those areas not accessible by truck, we also have a 4X4 ATV with a box that can be used to transport plant material to the required location on your property.  The planting crew will arrive and place out the potted plant stock according to the planting plan and then plant and water everything where is has been placed.  We have a 500 gallon water truck we can use for watering.  The projects are hand planted and the crew usually use shovels for planting and do not require any heavy equipment.  On average the crew plants 200 – 250 potted plants per day to give you an idea as to how long each project will take to complete.

Please talk with staff, your planting project may also qualify you for participation in the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program or the Countryside Stewardship Landowner Action Fund to receive additional savings on your planting project.

Naturalization Planting Program Requirements:

  • must possess a minimum of two acres of land
  • minimum order of 100 units

Materials and Services Provided:

  • native hardwood and evergreen trees in pots 60 cm tall and larger
  • potted wildlife shrubs 40 cm tall and larger
  • planting material including mulch mats and tree guards
  • free site visits and technical support
  • customized planting plan for your property
  • delivery and installation of plant stock and materials
  • hand planting of trees

For more information, please contact:

Peel and Halton Regions:
Brian Boyd
Habitat Naturalization And Partnership Coordinator
Email: bboyd@creditvalleyca.ca

Wellington, East Garafraxa and Mono:
Roy Mosher
Habitat Naturalization And Partnership Coordinator
Email: rmosher@creditvalleyca.ca

Customer Testimonials:

Good Value and good service.
Diane Richardson

So easy. Great People.
Robin Ward

Good on site people to deal with, helpful with answers and ideas….Good ideas and suggestions by Brian and Roy…. Staff were very helpful and courteous.
Richard Griggs

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