Forestry Programs – Terms and Conditions

Plant materials provided through the program are not intended for landscaping, and are not to be planted within 15 metres (50 ft.) of a residence (exceptions include windbreaks and fence rows).

All planting through the Private Planting Service must be carried out in accordance with an approved plan as developed by the landowner and CVC staff.

Landowners are responsible for identifying the location of all property lines, easements, and underground utilities before the time of planting.

100% of all program fees and costs are payable prior to installation of plant materials or at the time of pickup of plant materials from CVC.

All prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.

For more information please contact:

Rod Krick
Manager, Terrestrial Restoration & Management 
tel. (905) 838-1832 | cell (416) 936-5751
fax (905) 838-1889