Taking Action

Invasive Plant Removal

Find out what CVC is doing and what you can do.

CVC, like Ontario’s other Conservation Authorities, is in a unique position to help deal with this problem by integrating the most up-to-date science with on-the-ground stewardship, land-use planning and public outreach needed to tackle invasive species concerns.

CVC developed an Invasive Species Strategy in 2007, and is now concentrating on:

  • Selecting priority natural areas to implement prevention measures, control and monitoring
  • Conducting research, developing partnerships and implementing control projects
  • Engaging residents and landowners through workshops, outreach, education, and the development of information resources

What you can do

Identify – Report

To report an invasive species sighting within the Credit River Watershed, please contact invasive.species@creditvalleyca.ca. Include a detailed description of location and a photo if possible.

For sightings outside our watershed, please visit www.invadingspecies.com.

Spread the Word – Get Involved

  • Plant only native and non-invasive species; consult CVC’s lists of native plant nurseries and alternatives to invasive plants (brochure or full list).
  • Do not dump baitfish, crayfish, or unwanted pets such as goldfish or turtles in natural water bodies. To avoid spreading seeds, do not dispose of your yard waste in natural areas or parks.
  • Do not disturb natural habitats. Keep to walking trails in natural areas. Invasive species can also ‘hitch a ride’ on recreational equipment (e.g. bicycles, personal watercraft, or ATVs), so be sure to clean equipment before moving between water bodies or natural areas.
  • Be aware of the risk of spreading forest pests such as the Asian long-horned Beetle and the Emerald ash borer when transporting wood, and respect quarantine zones.
  • Volunteer at one of CVC’s invasive species removal events or contact us for information on how to establish your own community project.

If you have a question or would like more information on identification, prevention, upcoming events and workshops please contact us.

Invasive Phragmites

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