CVC Installed Option

If you are a private landowner in the Credit Valley watershed and would like to enhance your property, consider participating in CVC’s Habitat Structure Program. With more than 20 habitat structure types to choose from, eligible landowners can increase suitable habitat and attract a variety of wildlife to their property.

Habitat Structure Program Requirements:

  • must possess a minimum 2 acres of land
  • minimum order amount $500.00*

*There is no minimum order price for projects occurring in conjunction with another TRM service:

  • Naturalization planting program
  • Reforestation planting program
  • Managed forest program
  • Grassland restoration program
  • Invasive species management program

Materials and Services Provided:

  • Nest boxes made of 1” thick rough cut white pine made to suit the requirements of your target species
  • Hardware and materials required for installation
  • Free site visits and technical support
  • Customized plan for your property detailing structure placement
  • Delivery and installation of structures
  • A maintenance guide

Funding opportunities

Your habitat structures project may also qualify you for participation in the Countryside Stewardship Landowner Action Fund to receive savings on your project.



Tree swallow box

Contact Information

For More Information please contact:
Freyja Whitten
Phone: 1-647-963-2849