The Apteds: Thinking About Your Land Today Pays Off Tomorrow

Apted Property

Doug and Janis Apted weren’t farmers 24 years ago when they left Brampton and moved to Caledon. They purchased 40 acres on Kennedy Road through a friend and soon found themselves raising goats, chickens, peacocks, turkeys and cattle while still teaching full time.

“Our friends went to the movies on weekends and we were busy working the farm. I’d say to women at work I was busy fencing and they thought I meant dressed in white tights with a rapier,” remembers Janis.

It was hard work for the couple, learning as they went, but they were in search of a different lifestyle and 20 years later, it seems they have found what they were looking for. Today the Apteds raise 20 head of cattle on pasture each summer and grow a garden of fresh vegetables each summer.

The Apteds planted trees 22 years ago with CVC’s Forester. Hundreds of white pine, spruce, English and pin oak, subsidized by CVC’s Private Landowner Tree Planting Program, now act as windbreaks and help buffer a watercourse from nearby pasture lands. “It was a clear open field here then and I could see that we would have trouble with the water in the future if I didn’t start planting. The trees have made a huge improvement,” says Doug. The Apteds are proud of the trees they planted and enjoy shade and shelter from them all year round.

When asked about what it was like to work with CVC forestry staff, the couple said it was a pleasure. “They really took a personal approach and it was like working with friends!” says Doug.

The Apteds are satisfied with the work they’ve done. They have lived on the property long enough to see the trees grow, knowing they have been positive stewards of their land.

Discover how CVC can help you plant a forest for the future on your property. Subsidies are available. Visit to learn more.


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