Pollution Prevention

Low Impact Development Pollution Prevention sewer grate

Apply the principles of “Pollution Prevention” to help ensure that you are in compliance with the storm sewer bylaw, and protect your local environmental health and drinking water supplies.

P2 Case Studies

No matter where you are, you are in a watershed. A
watershed is the area of land that catches rain and
snow which travels over land or through soil into a
marsh, stream, or lake. Another way to understand a
watershed is to think of an area of land that drains to a
low point such as a stream, marsh, creek or lake.

P2 Case Study - Armstrong Manufacturing Inc.
Armstrong Manufacturing Inc.

P2 Case Study - Bernardi Building Supply
Bernardi Building Supply

P2 Case Study - Unifay-Fedar Investments
Unifay-Fedar Investments

How You Can Help:
Pollution Prevention Opportunities
Factsheet #1: Dumpster Management
Factsheet #2: Grease Management
Factsheet #3: Parking Lot Maintenance
Factsheet #4: Building Maintenance
Factsheet #5: Turf Management
Factsheet #6: Landscaping & Grounds Care
Factsheet #7: Outdoor Storage
Factsheet #8: Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
Factsheet #9: Vehicle Washing
Factsheet #10: Fueling Stations
Factsheet #11: Snow & Ice Management