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Hungry Hollow SNAP community is located in central Georgetown (Halton Hills) within the Credit River Watershed. This mature neighbourhood is home to over 10,000 people living near Hungry Hollow ravine, Silver Creek and Black Creek.

About the Plan

The Hungry Hollow Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) is a comprehensive approach to urban renewal and climate action at the neighbourhood scale. Residents, businesses, institutions and community partners plan and implement locally tailored, sustainable solutions that achieve measurable outcomes. The plan has co-benefits such as community resilience, sustainability, health and well-being.

The Hungry Hollow SNAP is the first of its kind for Town of Halton Hills. It describes the shared vision and priority actions for local climate resilience and sustainability in Hungry Hollow ravine and the Delrex neighbourhood in central Georgetown.

The plan responds directly to opportunities to protect and enhance natural areas. We are placing a  special focus on the Credit River-Hungry Hollow Centre for Biodiversity, a unique landscape that is a vital reservoir for biodiversity in the Credit River Watershed. It also aims to:

  • upgrade stormwater management infrastructure,
  • strengthen the urban forest, and
  • foster an environment in which a safe, healthy and engaged community can thrive.

The plan provides a framework for measuring progress and sharing success. It aligns with the Town’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan as a key initiative supporting the Community Resilience implementation theme area.

Residents and local stakeholders were actively engaged in the development of the action plan that not only supports important environmental objectives but also meets local needs.

Recommended Actions

Twenty-eight recommended actions centre around stewardship of natural areas, enhancements in the public realm, sustainable actions on private properties and robust community engagement. Actions are organized under five place-based goals for the neighbourhood:

  1. Thriving Hungry Hollow, Silver Creek and Black Creek
  2. Vibrant Parks and Open Spaces
  3. Connected Streets and Infrastructure
  4. Resilient Homes and Businesses
  5. Strong Schools and Community

Credit Valley Conservation and the Town of Halton Hills will lead the plan implementation beginning in 2021.  We’re collaborating with Halton Region as well as other partners, community groups and residents. The Hungry Hollow SNAP is an important step towards a more sustainable and climate resilient neighbourhood. By bringing this plan to life, impactful on-the-ground change will follow.

The full plan is available. 

Hungry Hollow SNAP Final Report

Hungry Hollow SNAP Background Report

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