Your Green Yard

Kids planting in their yard

Help green our watershed, cities and towns while making your yard more beautiful, naturally! CVC’s Your Green Yard program provides workshops and other resources to assist you.

Your Green Yard focuses on ecological landscaping and gardening. This includes three types of activities: native plant gardening; environmental maintenance; and, green outdoor building. You can take simple steps, such as planting native trees, shrubs and wildflowers, or switching to a low-maintenance lawn. You can also try something more challenging, such as installing permeable paving or a rain garden. CVC is here to help!

What is a Green City?

People are concerned about global climate change, loss of species and other environmental problems. Although the task of restoring a healthy environment can seem daunting at times, we can all participate in small or larger ways.

In the urban areas of the Credit River Watershed, residential properties cover over 40% of the land surface. Every yard can make a difference, and many yards together can contribute significantly. Greening your yard can provide shade and cooling, help clean the air, protect native plants and animals, and help keep our water and soils clean and abundant. You can also save on maintenance costs, water and energy use, while making your yard more beautiful and interesting!

What Can You Do?

Native Plant Gardening

  • Plant a native woodland, prairie, or meadow garden
  • If you live adjacent to a natural area, plant native plants along the edge
  • Consider planting native edible plants, such as raspberry and serviceberry – for yourself or for the birds!
  • Remove and avoid planting invasive species

Environmental Maintenance

  • If your soil needs to be improved, use natural fertilizers such as compost
  • To help conserve water and reduce weeds, use natural mulch
  • Reduce use of winter de-icing salt or use alternative de-icers
  • Collect rain water in rain barrels for watering plants
  • Reduce lawn and switch to low-maintenance lawn or native groundcovers
  • Use low-impact methods to remove unwanted weeds, insects and diseased plants

Green Outdoor Building

  • Install permeable paving instead of asphalt, concrete or large pavers
  • Use sustainably harvested wood and other environmentally friendly products
  • Switch to a natural swimming pool or adopt low-impact pool maintenance practices
  • Plant living fences and living walls
  • Consider adding a green roof or rooftop garden to a new or existing building
  • Consider adding other habitat features, such as bird houses or bat boxes, to support local wildlife

Benefits of Ecological Landscaping

  • Create an attractive, all season, diverse yard
  • Protect and restore native biodiversity
  • Attract butterflies and birds!
  • Improve air, water and soil quality
  • Increase urban tree cover
  • Reduce the impacts of global climate change and increasing urban temperatures
  • Provide shelter from the sun and wind
  • Reduce flooding and conserve water
  • Decrease time, water and energy used for maintenance
  • Reduce long-term maintenance costs
  • Restore important connections between natural areas
  • Have more time to enjoy the outdoors
  • Help spread the word: demonstrate ecological practices to your neighbours!

What Does CVC Offer?

Workshops and Presentations
If you live in Mississauga or Brampton*, watch for a Your Green Yard workshop coming to your neighbourhood soon! Or, give us a call and arrange for a workshop in your neighbourhood. You can also invite us to present to your garden club, service club or other group!

Topics currently covered in presentations and workshops include:

  • Introduction to Ecological Landscaping and Gardening
  • Historic Native Plants of Your Neighbourhood, City, or Town
  • Creating a Woodland, Prairie or Meadow Garden
  • Low-maintenance Lawns and Other Maintenance Tips
  • Greening Your Outdoor Building Projects

* Available on a more limited basis in other towns in the watershed.

Free Native Plants
Workshop participants can sign up for a free native tree or shrub. Your plant is delivered to you and our staff will help you plant!

Fact Sheets and Other Resources
Watch our website for fact sheets, resource lists, garden tips and more!

Resources From Our Partners

The Region of Peel and Cities of Mississauga and Brampton provide additional resources. Peel also offers rain barrels for a minimal fee. See CVC’s website for links.

For More Information Contact

Melanie Kramer
Program Coordinator, Residential Outreach
905-670-1615 ext. 452

For more information about what you can do check our website for fact sheets, native plant lists, invasive species lists, and more!

Enhance watershed health at home and at work! Ask about our Greening Corporate/Institutional Grounds Program.

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