How the program works

Since 2009, Greening Corporate Grounds (GCG) has been helping businesses, institutions and places of worship create long-term social and environmental value through their landscaping practices. We work with organizations and properties of any size to create a sustainable landscaping plan that reflects your vision and bottom line.

“The Greening Corporate Grounds program proved invaluable for the support and guidance it provided us in implementing our sustainable landscaping projects.”
-Frances Edmonds, Head of Sustainable Impact, HP Canada

When you become a member of GCG, you join a growing community of forward-thinking leaders gaining recognition for their actions toward a more sustainable future. You join a community that includes HP Canada, Unitarian Congregation of Mississauga, Mitutoyo Canada Inc. and many others.

Make your commitment
When you enroll in GCG, you make a commitment to adopt and maintain sustainable landscaping practices on your property. In return, you gain access to expertise and a suite of services that help you design, implement and maintain your vision.

We will also invite you to participate in educational events and promotional opportunities to help you achieve your goals and receive recognition for your commitment.

Getting started
Our sustainable landscaping experts will conduct an evaluation of existing plants and soil conditions on your property.

We’ll use this information to develop a custom sustainable landscaping concept plan and report with site recommendations and up to two planting plans.

For your part, you’ll set a budget, purchase materials and hire contractors or supply personnel to implement your plan and maintain your projects.

“GCG has the expertise to design and support implementation. They also have the resources to help secure funding and engage stakeholders and the community.”
-Kevin Mitchell, Director Property, Planning and Approvals, CRH Canada Group Inc.

Breaking Ground
Once you have your concept plan and planting plans, you’ll move into the implementation phase. Depending on the complexity of your project, we can facilitate volunteer events or provide guidance in sourcing a contractor to get your project in the ground.

Sustainable landscaping is a long-term investment that can provide lasting returns for your business or organization and the community over time. Timelines for projects vary, averaging one to three years. We offer support and additional services to our members to ensure ongoing success. See our program services table for more information.

Leadership Levels
We value the diversity of GCG projects and recognize that every project makes a difference. Our leadership levels acknowledge your dedication and activities around advocacy, volunteerism and engagement.

ENTHUSIAST Enthusiasts undertake small-scale garden and habitat building projects like planting native plant gardens or installing small habitat structures to encourage biodiversity.
ROLE MODEL Role Models undertake medium-scale projects like converting conventional lawn to a prairie meadow and installing rainwater-harvesting technologies. They engage staff and volunteers in project events.
LEADER Leaders undertake medium to large-scale projects like reforesting natural areas, creating more green space and installing stormwater management technologies. They look for new project opportunities and engage the community and their staff in project events.
VISIONARY Visionaries undertake large-scale projects like restoring natural areas and installing green infrastructure technologies, such as blue or green roofs. They promote their activities, engage the community and support others in taking action.

For a free consultation or more information, contact Senior Coordinator Deborah Kenley at or 905-670-1615 ext 439.

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