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Landowners and CVC staff on propertyCaring for Your Land & Water Workshop

Participating in CVC’s Countryside Stewardship program for rural non-farm landowners typically starts by attending a Caring for Your Land & Water workshop. Landowners receive aerial photos and maps showing the important natural areas and features on their property. Landowners are introduced to issues facing the Credit River watershed and learn how their land connects to larger issues and solutions.

Workshop participants receive a free copy of Your Guide to Caring for the Credit and detailed instruction on how to use the guide to develop a land management Action Plan. Stewardship staff are on hand to provide advice and recommendations. Workshops are a great opportunity to meet with neighbours dealing with similar issues and share information and experiences.

Caring for Your Land and Water workshops are held throughout the year. Visit our Events page  to sign up for an upcoming workshop.

HorseCaring for Your Horse and Farm Workshop

Specifically for horse farm owners, our Caring for Your Horse and Farm workshop shows  participants how to manage a farm for optimal environmental and horse health. CVC provides information on manure management, pasture quality improvements and environmental stewardship funding programs. All participants receive a copy of the Horse Owner’s Stewardship Guide and detailed instruction on how to use the guide to assess an equine operation.

Caring for Your Horse & Farm workshops occur several times throughout the year. Visit our Events Page to sign up for the next one.

East Credit CountrysideEnvironmental Farm Plan

Environmental Farm Plans (EFP) are assessments voluntarily prepared by farm families (including horse farms and hobby farms) to increase their environmental awareness in up to 23 different areas on their farm. Through the EFP local workshop process, farmers highlight their farm’s environmental strengths, identify areas of environmental concern and set realistic action plans with time tables to improve environmental conditions.

Most environmental cost-share programs for farmers in Ontario require an EFP. Click here for more information on how to complete an Environmental Farm Plan or how to apply to the Canada Ontario Farm Stewardship Program visit.

Donnelly's Farm

Landowners Workshop Series

Our Landowner Workshop Series offers workshops on special interest topics such as creating wildlife habitat on your property, caring for your well and septic system and natural pond management. These advanced workshops provide expert advice. Workshops generally focus on one topic and are delivered by CVC experts or friends of CVC with professional accreditation in their field.

Small-scale Farming Workshop
Whether you farm for your own use, run a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or grow a market garden, join CVC for an afternoon with a special guest speaker on small-scale agriculture in the Credit River watershed.

Natural Pond Management
Discover how to manage your pond for improved water quality and wildlife habitat. Participants will tour two pond restoration projects and receive a Natural Pond Management Handbook.

Forest and Habitat Restoration
Learn tricks-of-the-trade to manage forests and wildlife habitat on your property. Take advantage of tax breaks, services, subsidies and more.

Special Events

The Countryside Stewardship program periodically runs special events such as interpretive walks, symposiums, farm tours and restoration demonstrations. For a complete list of  CVC’s workshops and events visit our events calendar.

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