Wetland Management

Wetland Management - Terra Cotta CA

Wetlands are lands that are seasonally or permanently covered by shallow water or conditions where the water table is close to or at the surface. Swamps, marshes, bogs and fens are disappearing across Ontario.

This is alarming because wetlands:

  • provide habitat for flora and fauna and erosion control;
  • contribute to ground water recharge;
  • reduce the chance of  flooding;
  • help trap excess nutrients;
  • and, provide educational and recreational opportunities.

If you have wetlands on your property you can support their ecological health by minimizing disturbances to the wetlands and making smart management decisions that enhance and preserve their natural integrity. To discuss wetland stewardship concerns, please contact a CVC stewardship coordinator.

If you wish to apply for a permit to undertake a project on your property, please check with our planning department first.  Please note that a permit from CVC does not replace building permits or any other permits issued through municipal offices or from other agencies.  It is recommended that you contact your local municipality for information on additional approvals that may be required.








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