Historically, there were many dams in the Credit River watershed that powered sawmills and gristmills.

Dams continue to be important structures that:

  • produce hydro electricity
  • control flooding, water levels and flow
  • divert water
  • partition fish species
  • create opportunities to manage migratory species
  • provide opportunities for recreation
  • and, have cultural and aesthetic significance.

While in some cases it is favourable to maintain dams, negative impacts related to dams and on-line ponds include:

  • thermal warming of streams
  • disruption of natural stream flow and sediment transport
  • siltation
  • flooding
  • erosion
  • nutrient enrichment and pollution
  • fish migration barriers.

If exploring the possibility of decommissioning a dam on your property, or improving fish and wetland habitat associated with your dam please contact a CVC stewardship coordinator and/or our planning department.

Please note that a permit from CVC does not replace building permits or any other permits issued through municipal offices or from other agencies.  It is recommended that you contact your local municipality for information on additional approvals that may be required.


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