Trail Management

Access to the natural areas on your property is key to its appreciation and use.  Trails open an entire world of experience by allowing you to see the changes to your land throughout the seasons.  They can also be used to observe the health of your forests and open areas. Trails facilitate the monitoring of wildlife, as well as diseases or other problems that could easily go unnoticed in the more remote sections of the property.

Careful planning and attention should be given to the design and building of trails because they can increase the risk of trespass, cause erosion, and introduce invasive species via vehicle wheels or hiking boots.  Landowners should avoid building trails through sensitive areas on their property, keep tree removal to a minimum, and maintain trails against erosion.

If you wish to undertake a trail building project on your property, please contact the planning department, you could require a permit if the trail is in a sensitive area.  Please note that a permit from CVC does not replace building permits or any other permits issued through municipal offices or from other agencies.  It is recommended that you contact your local municipality for information on additional approvals that may be required.

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