Neighbourhood Programs

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The Credit River watershed contains some of the most diverse landscapes in southern Ontario. Within its boundaries sits the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the Oak Ridges Moraine, often referred to as the “rain barrel of southern Ontario”, and the Lake Ontario Shoreline which provides critical wildlife habitat for migrating birds and butterflies.

Each neighbourhood nestled within the Credit River watershed is also very unique and special, often with its own distinct natural areas, landscapes and cultural heritage.

CVC’s Neighbourhood Programs offer neighbourhood-focused stewardship services to rural landowners that incorporate the results of extensive local research with landowner outreach activities.

East Credit CountrysideCaring for the East Credit Countryside was launched in 2011. It offers residents of the East Credit subwatershed workshops, community events and information about the environmental issues in their neighbourhood and suggestions for stewardship projects on their own properties.