Real-Time Monitoring

CVC operates a network of 57 environmental monitoring stations, strategically placed throughout the Credit River watershed. Stations send vital information in real time on current environmental conditions. This allows us to better understand, predict and warn about flooding, threats to water quality and low water levels.

NOTE: The presence of ice may interfere with the functioning of our water level sensors and produce inaccurate water level data. These sensors operate by measuring changes in water pressure, which can be significantly impacted by ice buildup. Real-time data shown on this website is “as is”. Data has not been quality controlled before reaching the website and may contain errors. The water levels shown on the website may not always represent the actual conditions at the station.

Please note that Credit Valley Conservation’s real time network will not be switching to Daylight Savings Time. Time shown is standard time.


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The shaded area represents the Credit River watershed.

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    • Real-time climate station
    • Real-time rainfall station
    • Real-time streamflow station
    • Real-time water quality station
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