IWMP Reports

IWMP Factsheet

This factsheet provides an overview of CVC’s Intergrated Watershed Monitoring Program (IWMP).

IWMP Factsheet – Tracking the Ecosystem Health of the Credit River Watershed


IWMP Annual Reports

These reports present a high-level overview of CVC’s Integrated Watershed Monitoring Program (IWMP) by year. Reports include general conditions and potential issues of concern throughout the watershed.

Note: Each report represents only sites sampled in that year. Please contact CVC at 905-670-1615 to request detailed biennial and trend results.

2014 IWMP Annual Report

2015 IWMP Annual Report

2016 IWMP Annual Report

2017 IWMP Annual Report

IWMP Biennial Reports

These reports are summaries of IWMP data collected over two-year periods.

In 2014, IWMP refined the program to a rotating panel design where some sites are visited annually and others every other year. This rotating panel design maximizes the number of sites that are sampled in the monitoring program, while ensuring efficient use of resources.

The biennial reports present the current condition of the full panel of sites. The reports provide a complete picture of the overall watershed and the watershed zone status. The current condition of all sites monitored in the two-year panel is represented in maps, graphs, text and appendices. The reports also describe recent changes in the program and how data are managed and used.

2014 and 2015 IWMP Biennial Report

2016 and 2017 IWMP Biennial Report