Chapter 1 – Introduction

Release Date: October 2012

How healthy is the Credit River Watershed?

Whether you live, work or play in the watershed, or if you’re just curious about the answer to this question, you will want to stay tuned as the Credit River Watershed Health Report is released. The Watershed Health Report uses data collected by Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) through the Integrated Watershed Monitoring Program (IWMP) over many years of monitoring the Credit River Watershed.

Over the coming months, we will be sharing our most up to date information on status and trends in a variety of indicators of watershed health. You will learn about fish, forests, wetlands, water quality and much more. Each chapter will provide insight into the health of the watershed and whether conditions are getting better, worse, or staying the same. We will also look at some of the major stressors that may be contributing to changing conditions.


In the next chapter, we will highlight CVC’s Integrated Watershed Monitoring Program and take a closer look at the different components and indicators that CVC monitors. What is a component? What is an indicator? We will talk about that too.

Did you know?

Since 1999, our Integrated Watershed Monitoring Program is responsible for collecting data from 289 unique stations throughout the Credit River Watershed.









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