Redside Dace

red-side dace

(Clinostomus elongates)


  • Adults are a silvery colour with red sides and a purple sheen, particularly in males
  • Grow to about 11 cm in length and have an unusually large mouth for a minnow
  • Prefer clear, cool streams with rubble and gravel bottom and a mix of pools and riffles


Endangered Provincially and Nationally


Patchy distribution around Great Lakes Basin, reaching as far west as Minnesota, south to Kentucky and West Virginia, and east to New York State. In Canada, occurs only in southern Ontario streams that flow into lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron. (ROM)


Most significant threat is urban and agricultural development which causes habitat loss and degradation. Development and removal of streamside vegetation can cause alteration of stream flow, shape and cause increased sediment loads.  Vegetation is required by Redside Dace for food, cover and to moderate water temperature.  Non-native fishes also threaten this species by competing with or hunting them.


Redside Dace and its habitat are protected by the following legislation:

  • Federal Fisheries Act
  • Ontario Fishery Regulations
  • Endangered Species Act
  • A draft recovery strategy has been prepared to outline the actions required to protect and restore Redside Dace and its habitat, including protection and restoration of stream banks and streamside vegetation


Ministry of Natural Resources: Redside Dace

Royal Ontario Museum: Redside dace

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