Plants of the Credit


The list of the vascular plants of the Credit River Watershed is compiled from existing publications and from the records of local naturalists, botanists and CVC staff. The complete list includes 1,420 species of plants. This large number reflects the great diversity of habitats in our watershed, as well as the fact that our area includes northern species at the edges of their ranges.


White Water LilyAquatic Plants
A non-woody, broad-leaved plant living or growing in water.
Example: Nymphaea odoratawhite water lily.


Christmas fern fiddleheadFern
A plant with leaf-like fronds that reproduces using spores.
Example: Polystichum acrostichoides Christmas fern.


fern alliesFern Allies
A plant that reproduces using spores that do not have fronds, including clubmosses and horsetails.
Example: Lycopodiaceae family – club mosses.


Black-eyed SusanFlowering Plants
A non-woody, broad-leaved plant or herb.
Example: Rudbeckia hirtablack-eyed Susan.



sedgeGrasses, Sedges, and other Gramminoids
Non-woody, narrow-leaved plants, including grasses, sedges and rushes.
Example: Carex species – sedge.


cucumber vineHerbaceous Vines
A non-woody plant with trailing stems.
Example: Echinocystis lobatacucumber vine.




A multi-stemmed woody plant, usually shorter than a tree.


white pine
A woody plant usually with a single stem which can reach heights of several metres.
Example: Pinus strobuswhite pine.


Virginia creeperWoody Vines
A woody plant with trailing stems.
Example: Parthenocissus insertaVirgina creeper.

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